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Why Tally YOUR Beautiful?

I believe that I have the ministry of Beauty! I can make the most unfortunate and grim  circumstances look beautiful.  How, with the beauty of the  Lord of course! God's love, his healing, and deliverance combined can heal and change anyone. As a former Model , Believer,  and Makeup Artist I believe that Jesus is relevant in all arenas.

"Beautiful is an over used word in our society, yet many struggle to find themselves beautiful or to see the beauty in life. It is my mission  to lighten the load, to help them see the being the the Lord created! 


The Minister

Talisa (Tally) Anderson has been active in ministry for over 15 years. She is a Psalmist, Dancer and Actor and she does all of these things to the Glory of God. 


The Makeup Artist

As a former career pageant girl and beauty ambassador, Tally has an eye for creativity and Beauty. Allow her to use her over 10 ten years of expertise as a award winning Makeup Artist, to help your outer beauty match the inner beauty.

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Makeup Classes/ Bookings

Makeup Classes/ Bookings

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Makeup Classes/ Bookings


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